Maintenance of hydraulic system
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Maintenance of hydraulic system

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Multi-way valve refers to a multi-way combined valve composed of two or more reversing valves as the main body, and according to different working requirements, plus auxiliary devices such as safety valve, one-way valve, oil filling valve and so on.

The reversing valve can be divided into manual, motor, electromagnetic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, pneumatic, etc. according to the way of operating the movement of the spool. The reversing valve is a valve that uses the spool to make relative movement in the valve body hole to connect or cut off the oil circuit to change the direction of oil flow.

The multi-way reversing valve is a collective valve composed of several one-way reversing valves, safety relief valves, one-way valves and oil filling valves. It has the advantages of compact structure and small pressure loss.

The multi-way reversing valve control circuit can control the movement of multiple execution units, and is mainly used in construction machinery, crane conveyors and other mobile machines that require centralized control of the movement of multiple execution units. The control method is mostly manual control. When the working pressure is high, the pilot control of the pressure reducing valve is used.

The multi-way reversing valve control circuit is divided into three basic oil circuits: series, parallel, and series and parallel according to the connection mode.


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