On the morning of May 13, 2022, Song Weiwei, secretary of the Qingzhou Municipal Party Committee, inspected work safety on site
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On the morning of May 13, 2022, Song Weiwei, secretary of the Qingzhou Municipal Party Committee, inspected work safety on site

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Song Weiwei, secretary of the Qingzhou Municipal Party Committee, inspected the safety production work on the spot, and asked to take responsibility, strictly implement practical measures, and do all the work of safety production with the most resolute attitude and strictest standards. Song Weiwei emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen the management of employee access, strictly check and register vehicle personnel, implement normal epidemic prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning and wearing masks, etc., and control the prevention and control threshold. Enterprises should strengthen equipment and facility management, and improve emergency plans. , strengthen employees' safety awareness and operational skills training to ensure "two correctness" between safe production and epidemic prevention and control.

Song Weiwei said that to promote the new rise of the millennium ancient city, industry is the protagonist. It will unswervingly focus on advanced manufacturing, focusing on building 6 industrial chains of high-end chemicals, construction machinery, automobiles and parts, medical equipment, food processing, and equipment manufacturing. Accelerate "old trees grow new branches", and promote traditional industries and traditional enterprises to climb to the high end of the industrial chain and value chain. Focus on building "navigation-type" leading enterprises, and build a group of leading enterprises in the 1000-billion and 10-billion-level category. Implement the plan of "nurturing seedlings and supporting the strong" for small and medium-sized enterprises, and strengthen the cultivation of enterprises in subdivided fields. Promote digital empowerment and build a batch of modern "smart factories". Innovation will be placed at the core, high-quality innovation resources will be promoted to enterprises, and enterprises will be guided to carry out joint research, focusing on breakthroughs in a number of "stuck neck" key core technologies, so that more scientific and technological achievements can go out of the laboratory and accelerate the marketization.

According to the different structure of the web part of the paper machine, the paper machine can be divided into: long web type, round web type, clip web type, stacked web type and with finishing roller type.

The paper machine can be regarded as a kind of linkage machine composed of several equipments. Usually it can be divided into two parts: wet end and cadre. The wet part includes the pulp conveying equipment, the mesh part and the pressing part; the cadres include the drying part, the calender and the paper coiler.

After sizing, sizing, filling and purification, the pulp with the properties suitable for paper making enters the pulp conveying equipment of the paper machine at the concentration of 0.3% - 1.3%. Then, the paper flows evenly and stably to the net surface of the forming net after being distributed and leveled by the pulp distributor and the headbox. After the pulp is fed into the net near the center line of the chest roll, it is gradually filtered and dehydrated to form a continuous wet web. The net table is usually equipped with table roll, vacuum water suction tank, couch roll and other forming dehydration elements. When the wet web is dehydrated to a certain degree of dryness (usually about 20%), it can be peeled from the mesh and sent to the pressing part for further dehydration.

The press section of paper machine is composed of several groups of roller press. The wet web is dragged by the press blanket and dehydrated by mechanical extrusion between the press rolls. In order to maintain the good dehydration performance of the press blanket, the press upper roller is equipped with a blanket washing device. After pressing, the dryness of wet web can reach about 40%.

The wet web is further dehydrated on the paper machine, usually by heating and evaporation. The drying section of paper machine usually consists of many drying cylinders heated from the inside by steam. The drying cylinder is covered with dry blanket (or canvas, dry net), which aims to press the web tightly onto the cylinder surface, improve the heat transfer efficiency and improve the surface quality of the web.

After drying, a calender consisting of 6-8 rollers is usually used to improve the surface quality of the web.


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